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Smg mammoth aims to be the best assistant for adventurers in their connection with nature and creates vehicles/ tools designed to meet all your needs out of town with any purposes.

We are a community aiming to produce camping trailers and caravans grounding on the experiences from our own adventures. We believe that living in touch with nature is integrated with human instincts. Before satisfactory results, our inspiration emerged as we overcame the obstacles in mountaineering and camping experiences. We are so glad to share that our biggest motivation is to always offer the best option for our customers.

Human, nature and life itself compose the basic paradigm of SMG Mammoth. Oriantating and being on the road with harmony. This is where everything begins.

We Love our Clients, And They Love Us

“When I met SMG Mammoth, I was smitten with it. The M15 is a great camper trailer. It can meet almost all your needs and never lets you down. Perfect for off-road. We are waiting for your new models at the Abenteuer fair. Cheers!”

Matt Gilbert

“With his imposing body he is a mega! I am extremely happy to be a user of the M15 off-road camper trailer. We go on adventures with her on weekends with friends. My favorite feature is its air suspension axles. I can drive them however I want.”

Tom Parker

“I would like to express my sincere thanks to the entire SMG Mammoth team. The pre-sales and post-sales support was great. I found them the best. The M15 is MEGA!”

Nicky Johnson


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